Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Did Valentine’s Day sneak up on you like it has for me (again)?

I did plan…a little! You saw what I did for Hubs this weekend, right?

Well, it’s Monday. So not a lot of time to plan. But there is still a way to pull a little something off.

I sat down last night and decided on a couple things I can easily do and will cost me nothing. Wanna know what I’m going to do? Well, of course you do!

Skip To My Lou had a great idea she calls Heart Attack. She just cuts out hearts and writes compliments about each of her kids, tapes them on their door so when the come out of their room in the morning they find all kinds of sweet notes of love! This project won’t cost me anything because I am overflowing with construction paper.

Effort required: minimal.

Cost: FREE!


Baker’s Royale had a cute idea for some yogurt popsicles. I’m not going to follow her recipe exactly because I don’t want to give my kids oreos.  But I have homemade yogurt that I just made last week. And I have homemade strawberry freezer jam from my picking trip this summer. Besides that I happen to have cute dixie cups and popsicle sticks. So I will follow her basic directions and make my kids a cute pink(ish) treat to enjoy at some point.

Effort required: a little

Cost: FREE


Tip Junkie has a list of links for printable Valentine’s. These are the two we chose to use to give at my kids’ Valentine’s party on Wednesday evening at church. I did plan ahead for these. :) They are already printed and ready to take with us on Wednesday.

Effort: They took time to cut out

Cost: FREE

We’ll be having our Teriyaki Sliders for dinner. Not very fancy, you say? Well, no. But it is one of our family favorites, and since Valentine’s Day is generally about the whole family, that seemed like a great choice. I will be making homemade coleslaw, and seasoned roasted potato wedges to go with it.

Effort: Well…it was on my OAMC menu for this month so…

Cost: I dunno. Part of my grocery budget for the month. Heh~


It’s not too late! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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