Checking in: 5 Weeks, 5 Challenges



I introduced our 5 Weeks, 5 Challenges series at the beginning of this week, so I thought I should check in to see how it has gone so far.

I have struggled to complete the task myself. In fact, I felt a little thwarted because as soon as I posted the challenge Hubs informed me that he would have to leave for work the rest of the week around 6 a.m. With little kids in the house I couldn’t be gone running if he was already gone. So…I haven’t accomplished the task myself. It’s frustrating, to be sure.

This is the very reason I posted this challenge. Life has a way of taking control no matter how hard I try to be in control. The question then becomes, “What are you going to do about it?” I, uh, don’t have an answer for that. Except that there are a few more days left to this week so I’ll try to get out and run one of these two days. That’s why this is such a challenge. But that is also why we’re taking 5 weeks to work on these areas of our lives. I had hoped to make more progress than this, but I didn’t expect to be a ninja in 4 days’ time. :)

So how about you? What has your week been like?

Next week’s challenge has to do with our devotion time. This is also an area that can be easily thwarted (particularly if you have littles!). So until Monday, have a great weekend!

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